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With a profound background in cardiology and electrophysiology, Dr. Allen Amorn has had the pleasure of making various media appearances as of late. More specifically, he appeared in both entrepreneurial interviews as well as feature articles.

Exclusive Interviews

On Inspirery, Ideamensch, as well as, guests are given a platform to discuss their academic upbringing as well as their career paths. In particular, they often go into detail what inspired them to go into their industry in the first place. In addition, they describe what a typical day is like for someone in their field and how they manage to stay productive on a daily basis. For Dr. Allen Amorn, MD, he touches on similar topics. More specifically, he spoke about the inspiration that he father was to not only himself, but also his community. Furthermore, he explains the field of cardiology as well as electrophysiology and how passionate he is about his career.

Feature Articles

Aside from interviews, Allen Amorn also gave his expertise and insight in a few notable feature articles. He discusses the difference between cardiology as well as electrophysiology. Moreover, as a passionate medical practitioner, he talks about what it is like working in the field of medicine and providing care to suffering patients.

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Dr. Allen Amorn as Seen in the Media

Allen Amorn – Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Empowered with the knowledge and drive to transform a fatal situation into a new day for hope and the precious affirmation of life, Allen Amorn a cardiologist, has graced his patients and their families with these moments time and time again. His career path led him to specialize in Cardiac Electrophysiology.

Q&A With Allen Amorn, Cardiologist – INTERVIEW

The inspiration and motivation that propel Cardiologist Allen Amorn to challenge himself to find life-saving solutions for every one of his patients is his family. Allen Amorn aspired to be a doctor from a young age. More specifically, his own father was a doctor and the great deeds that his father accomplished inspired him tremendously.

Allen Amorn | Inspirery interview

Spearheading the pursuit of cutting-edge technologies and mastering the latest techniques in his field, Dr. Amorn, Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist, brings the strength of his passion for his chosen profession. A Cardiac Electrophysiologist is a doctor who monitors the electrical impulses of the heart.

Allen Amorn | Crunchbase

Dr. Amorn takes pride in knowing he can help and assist his patients heal. He is empowered with the idea that with passion as well as dete…

Dr. Allen Amorn on the Causes of the Most Common Heart Problems – Spirit Web

Heart conditions have become increasingly common in the general population. Diabetes, high blood pressure, inactivity, tobacco, and alcohol use, and poor diet all contribute to the development of heart problems. These conditions can be treatable, but frequently they are serious and require treatment from a cardiology specialist.

Allen Amorn Provides an Overview of the Daily Life of a Busy Cardiologist | Prague Post

Cardiologists exist to help people achieve better heart health. Using a wide variety of diagnostics, cardiologists can pinpoint problems with the heart’s rhythm, blood flow, as well as muscles and propose solutions that can help a patient live a longer and healthier life. Cardiologists help vulnerable people monitor their health, ensuring that they have the best possible…

Dr. Allen Amorn Explains Several Heart Rhythm Disorders and How Electrophysiologists Can Treat Them

Heart rhythm disorders or arrhythmias are serious medical problems experienced by as many as 3 million Americans each year. In arrhythmia, the heart beats either too quickly (tachycardia), too slowly (bradycardia) or irregularly. The varying beat of the heart can lead to problems in the rest of the body, as blood is not moved efficiently around the body.

Dr. Allen Amorn Explains Why and When to See Your Local Cardiologist

If you are over the age of 40 and are overweight and have been inactive, you should consider seeing a doctor before beginning an exercise program. A primary care doctor can do a basic check on your cardiovascular function, and prescribe a starting program.

Allen Amorn Analyzes How Yoga and Meditation Reduce Obesity and Improve Heart Health

Although the benefits of yoga and meditation are quite popular, there are still a lot of people who are not sold on the concept of healing the body through mental and spiritual exercise. After all, the entire notion of yoga relies on a wide variety of simple physical activities where the mind plays a crucial role.

Allen Amorn Expands upon the Latest Developments in Medical Technology and Their Impact on Cardiology and Electrophysiology | TechBullion

The science of cardiology and electrophysiology is making many exciting advances. New medical technologies are available which can revolutionize the care of many cardiac illnesses. Heart rhythm problems are the special concern of the electrophysiologist. Dr. Allen Amorn, a cardiologist and electrophysiologist from Ohio, explains some of these recent advances and shares how they can …